Mies Bouhuys (1927-2008)

Dutch author and poet. She trained as a teacher but soon turned to the world of children's TV drama, both writing and directing children's programmes. She also began to write novels and poetry for children, and became highly acclaimed in the field, winning a number of awards. One of her books was a pony story. This was published in English language in both the UK and USA.  As far as I know this is her only foray into equine territory.

Horse & Pony Books:

(With Antonia Ridge)
(1st English language edition HARRAP [UK] 1960)
Reprinted in the USA by Bobbs Merrill & Co. in 1962.
SUMMARY: When Farmer Klauss's workhorses go missing he suspects the gypsies (even in Holland they turn up in pony stories!) but ends up being tricked into accepting a little red pony from them. However the pony's owner, a young gypsy girl, is determined to get her pony back.

Collector's Info:
Fairly rare, the American editions are easier to find than the British edition. Price can vary quite a lot so it is worth shopping around before buying.